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Chandrayaan 3 Landing Date: India’s ambitious mission Chandrayaan-3 has reached an important milestone. Its lander module has successfully separated from the propulsion module. The deboosting of the lander module has also been successfully completed around 4 pm.


  • Vikram will make a soft landing on the south pole of the moon on August 23
  • The speed of the lander will be reduced to bring it very close to the moon.
  • The process of deboosting the lander module was also successfully completed.

New Delhi: Mission Chandrayaan-III achieved a major success today before landing on the lunar surface. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said that the speed of the lander module has been further slowed down at 4 pm today. That is, it has been deboosted. Significantly, after separating from the propulsion module of Chandrayaan-3 (Vikram Lander) itself it covers the distance ahead. On Friday (August 18), the lander module underwent deboosting and descended into a slightly lower lunar orbit.

ISRO tweeted that the Lander Module (LM) is in good condition. It successfully performed a deboosting operation which reduced its orbit to 113 km x 157 km. The second deboosting operation is scheduled for 20 August 2023.

First deboosting process completed

ISRO had told us that the lander would be deboosted at 4 pm today. This deboosting process is now complete. ISRO said that the deboosting of the lander module has been successfully completed. With this, the lander has reached 113 km X 157 km in the lunar orbit. Deboosting means that the speed of the lander Vikram will be reduced. The purpose of the deboost is to bring Vikram to Perilune (the closest point of the orbit to the Moon) thirty kilometers and to Apollune (the farthest point from the Moon) to a distance of 100 km. After this soft landing will be attempted.

ISRO told us when the next deboosting

ISRO informed that the second deboosting operation will now be done on August 20, 2023. Two will be around two in the afternoon. Significantly, after separating from the propulsion module, the lander Vikram now covers the forward distance alone. On August 23, around 6.45 pm, the lander will make a soft landing on the lunar surface.

What will happen after the change in the orbit of the lander?

After the change in orbit, the lander will remain in this orbit for the next five days. According to the current calculation of ISRO, the soft landing of Vikram will be done on August 23 at 5:47 pm.

Good news again on Chandrayaan: Vikram reached closer to the moon by applying brakes lightly

How will be the soft landing?

Lander Vikram’s landing on the Moon will be through four thrusters fitted in it. One of these thrusters has a power of 400 newtons. Two thrusters each will work in two stages. Chandrayaan-2, sent before Chandrayaan-3, failed to make a ‘soft landing’ on September 7, 2019. The objective of Chandrayaan-3 is also to make a safe ‘soft landing’ on the lunar surface, to roam the rover on the moon, and to conduct scientific experiments. Chandrayaan-1 mission was sent in 2008. If Chandrayaan-3 is successful in a soft landing, India will become the fourth country in the world to master this technique after the US, China, and the former Soviet Union.

What is the challenge in landing?

According to M Annadurai, Project Director of Chandrayaan-1, the match has really begun now. These are the last overs we are talking about. The whole world is waiting to see what Vikram will do and what Pragyan will do when he comes out. So now the entire focus is on landing. Taking lessons from past mistakes, ISRO has made complete preparations this time. For this, the landing area has also been taken more.

What will the propulsion module separated from the lander do?

The propulsion module separated from the lander Vikram will continue its journey for several months. It will keep orbiting the moon. The SHAPE payload is also mounted on the propulsion module. It will detect the conditions necessary for life from the orbit of the moon. It will conduct a spectroscopic investigation of the Earth’s atmosphere. Along with this, the possibilities of life will also be found on other planets.

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