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Advance booking for Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Jawaan’ is increasing like a tsunami. Within 48 hours of opening of booking, it has become challenging to get movie tickets at many locations. How many theaters have become Housefull and even the morning shows have come to total capacity in many cities? The ‘Jawan’ craze is making waves in foreign countries too.

King Khan’s reign has returned to the theaters this year in such a way that it is raining heavily on the theatres. After destroying the previous big records of Bollywood with ‘Pathan’, now Shahrukh is ready to break his own records with his next film. Since the release of the trailer of ‘Jawaan’, a different atmosphere has been created for the film. As soon as the advance booking of the film opened the next day after the trailer was released, the audience started rushing to book tickets.

‘Jawaan’ has become the film earning the highest advance booking in the first 24 hours. Now only about 4 days are left for the release of the film. In such a situation, there is a craze for booking ‘Jawaan’ which has not been seen before for any film. At many locations across the country, the film shows are already so full that morning shows have started opening in theatres. But the demand for tickets is such that even these morning shows are being filled.

Booking boom of ‘Jawan’ in India

Advance booking of ‘Jawaan’ officially started at 10 a.m. on Friday. According to SACNL data, so far in two days, more than 4 lakh tickets for the film have been booked in advance. ‘Jawaan’ has made an advance gross collection of more than Rs 13 crore from this ticket sale. More than 2 lakh tickets for Shahrukh’s film have been booked in advance in National Cinema Chains alone.

After the booking of the first day itself, the shows of the film started filling up in many theaters and in view of the demand, 6 a.m. shows were also opened for ‘Jawan’ at many places. The condition of advance booking of the film after two days is that in many theaters these morning shows are also almost full. Counting tickets are left for the 6 a.m. show in a theater in Delhi’s Dwarka area. While the 6 am show at Mumbai’s Iconic Theater Geti is on the verge of getting full.

According to the speed with which the advance booking of ‘Jawan’ is going on, the film is moving very fast to collect the biggest opening of this year. Before the release, the booking figure of ‘Jawan’ can reach close to 8 lakhs in the national chains itself. The craze of the film is such that if many theaters start shows even before 6 a.m., then it will not be a big deal.

Signs of strong opening from abroad too Advance booking of ‘Jawan’ is going on in the overseas market almost a month ago. More than 25 thousand tickets have been booked for Shahrukh’s film in the USA. Reports suggest that ‘Jawan’ has grossed more than 4 lakh dollars (about Rs 3.3 crore) in the USA from this booking.

The booking of the film started a few days ago in the UK and there has been an advance gross collection of more than 1 lakh 15 thousand pounds (about Rs 1.19 crore). Advance booking of the film is also going on very fast in Germany, which is counted among the big markets for Indian films. While there are reports that the advance booking of ‘Jawan’ in Gulf countries has started at a very fast pace.

Till now, no Indian film has crossed the mark of 5 million dollars (more than Rs 40 crore) on the first day in the overseas market. Shahrukh’s previous film ‘Pathan’ has come closest to this figure so far. It collected 4.6 million dollars (more than Rs 36.50 crore) from overseas on the first day.

Advance booking of ‘Jawaan’ indicates that this film can cross the figure of 5 million dollars in the overseas market on the first day. Looking at the craze of Shahrukh’s film, it is estimated that the film can earn Rs 50 crore from the overseas market on the first day itself.

In India alone, the net collection of ‘Jawaan’ on the first day is estimated to reach Rs 70 crore. Not only Shahrukh’s fans, it has become interesting for every cinema lover of India to see how many records of earnings ‘Jawaan’ is going to break on the very first day.

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