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How to earn money from Instagram – You can use your photos and videos on Instagram for likes and views, but do you know that by creating reels you can make 50 thousand to 80 thousand rupees a month?

Hello friends, today in this article we will learn how to earn money from Instagram 2023 – 50K months. This article has been written in very simple words. If you read it thoroughly, you will understand it quickly, so let’s start.

How to earn money from Instagram

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How to earn money from Instagram – What is Instagram?

How to make money from Instagram – Instagram, a popular social media application, allows users to share their photos and videos on the social platform. Launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, its popularity has grown in just two years. Recognizing its potential, Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 and integrated it into its ecosystem. Today Instagram is an integral part of Facebook.

Through its mobile app, Instagram empowers users to edit and upload photos and short videos. Each post can include a caption with hashtags and location-based geotags for indexing and discoverability. These posts appear on users’ Instagram feeds and can also be seen by the public if tagged with relevant hashtags or geotags. Users can choose to set their profile as private, so only their followers can see their posts.

What to do to earn money from Instagram?

If you want to earn Rs 50,000 or more per month from Instagram, it is important to create a money-making Instagram account. Once set up, you can earn thousands of rupees monthly.

Let us guide you in preparing your Instagram account for earning. To earn around Rs 50,000 per month on Instagram, follow the steps given below to create a monetizable Instagram account –

  • Change your Instagram account from a Normal Account to a Professional Account.

  • Create content on any one niche.


  • Try to increase followers on your Instagram account.

    After completing all this work, we will tell you how many ways there are to earn money from Instagram: –

how to earn money from Instagram

Instagram offers multiple avenues to generate income, allowing you to earn a substantial amount of money using various strategies. Although earning money from Instagram is not a new concept, it requires dedicated efforts to earn enough. Below, I’ve outlined several methods that, if implemented, could potentially lead to significant financial gain through Instagram. Therefore, I encourage you to read till the end for a comprehensive understanding and to make full use of the fascinating possibilities of Instagram.

1. Earn money from Instagram Reels Bonus

Instagram Reels are short videos ranging from 15 to 60 seconds that you can engage your audience in.

Once your Reels go viral or get enough views, Instagram rewards you with a bonus.

This bonus is based on the views you accumulate on your reels.

2. Earn money from Affiliate Marketing

To earn money from Affiliate Marketing, you have to promote the product of a company. After a successful sale, the company pays you a commission. To get started, join the company’s affiliate programs. You will receive a unique link; When someone makes a purchase through it, you earn commission.

It is worth noting that Amazon and Flipkart run Affiliate programs. Select products that fit your Instagram page, include the link in your bio, and get commissions for every purchase.

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3. Earn money by promoting the brand

Grow your Instagram account to a certain extent and you can attract important companies or brands. They will pay you to promote their products on your Instagram account. With attractive posts, you can earn enough income for your promotion.

4. Earn money by collaborating on Instagram

Making money from Instagram Collaboration involves partnering with other creators to create Instagram Reels or content on the platform. If you are wondering how Instagram creators can earn money by collaborating with other creators, let me explain.

In today’s digital age, there are many social media creators who create excellent content, yet struggle to attract audiences. To overcome this, many creators choose to collaborate with others to promote their content.

This method presents a viable opportunity for you to generate income.

5. Earn money by Refer And Earn

Joining Refer And Earn programs is an effective way to earn money. By creating accounts on specific apps and websites and referring others, you can earn substantial commissions. Some apps offer referral rewards of Rs 500 or more for each successful referral.

To participate, simply create accounts on these platforms and share your referral link on your Instagram. When someone clicks on your referral link and creates an account, you receive a commission.

6. Earn money by selling the product

Instagram can also help you make money by selling products. Whether you create your own products, add commission on items purchased from an online store, or even sell eBooks, Instagram can be a lucrative platform.

Consider joining Meesho App, where you can set your own commission on each product. For example, if you buy a product for Rs 200, you can sell it for Rs 400, and earn a commission of Rs 200.

The beauty of the Meesho app is that you don’t have to handle purchases or customer interactions – it takes care of everything.

7. Earn money by selling photos on Instagram

Selling photos on Instagram is another way to generate income. It is necessary to take creative photos. You can create a Blogger or WordPress website to show your photos. If budget is a concern, you can use free options like Blogger.

After setting up your website, upload your creative photos and remember to add a watermark to protect your work. Share the same photos on your Instagram account to attract potential buyers.

8. Earn money by becoming an Instagram Account Manager

If you are skilled in managing Instagram accounts, you can offer your services to other brands. Reach out to big brands and offer to manage their Instagram accounts for compensation. This can be an attractive opportunity for income generation.

By taking advantage of these strategies, you can unlock a variety of opportunities to monetize your presence on Instagram and establish a steady flow of income. Remember, success often comes from a combination of creativity, dedication, and strategic planning.


Friends, we hope so. From this article, you must have come to know that Instagram Se Paise Kaise Kamaye 2023 – 50K Months. If you have any questions related to this article, you can ask by commenting below. Share it with your friends.

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