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Malaysia Airlines Flight Sydney Airport: Malaysia Airlines plane had to land forcibly in Sydney city of Australia. Mohammad, a passenger aboard this plane, called himself a slave of Allah and threatened to blow up the plane with a bomb in the air. Immediately after this the plane returned to Sydney Airport and emergency was declared.

I am a slave of Allah, I will blow up the plane… Mohammed threatened, an emergency at Sydney airport, and the plane landed.

Mohammed started scaring people in the plane in the name of Allah.

Sydney: A passenger on board a Malaysia Airlines flight was arrested when he forced the plane to land at Australia’s Sydney airport. When the plane was in the air, this Muslim man called himself a ‘slave of Allah’. Along with shouting, he was asking other passengers whether they are also slaves of Allah. He was forcing people to call themselves slaves of Allah. The name of this person is being told as Mohammad. It is seen in the video of the incident that this person started offering Namaz on the way to and from inside the plane. He also threatened to blow up the plane with a bomb.

According to the report of the Daily Mail, during this time, Muhammad was threatening people by pointing his finger at them and shouting that they should be called slaves of Allah. Shocked by the incident, a passenger told that Mohammad untied the chain of his bag and put his hand in it, which made people afraid that there was some dangerous weapon in his bag. He threatened to blow up the plane with a bomb. This Malaysia Airlines flight MH122 was going from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur. After this, when the crew members checked Mohammad’s bag, nothing dangerous was found in it.

Aircraft evacuated at Sydney Airport

After this frightening incident, the plane immediately landed again at Sydney Airport and the runway was isolated. Other passengers were sent to other parts of the aircraft. After this the Australian police arrested Mohammad. All the passengers were safely evacuated from the plane. Now preparations are on to prosecute him. Australian police said emergency procedures were immediately implemented and passengers and crew were evacuated when all was found to be safe.

A passenger on board a plane tweeted, ‘All people have been safely evacuated from the plane. The police will interrogate everyone. A passenger tweeted a video of the incident saying I pray for everyone’s safety. Where is airport security? He said in his second video that this maniac is becoming aggressive and the poor people are still waiting for the security personnel who will take him to Allah through proper procedure. There were 194 passengers and crew members in this aircraft. Malaysia Airlines said that keeping in mind the safety of the passengers, the commander of the plane decided to land it back in Sydney.

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