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PM Modi Speech: Modi's guarantee, this is Modi's commitment... PM asked for a mandate for 2024 from Red Fort.

PM Modi Independence Day Speech: I have come to seek blessings from the Red Fort… Saying this, the PM sought a mandate from the public in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Referring to the last 1000 years, he also talked about the coming 1000 years. On the 77th Independence Day, PM Modi said that the country is changing with reforms and changes..


  • The PM said, will keep fighting against corruption-familyism
  • Said a big thing by mentioning the incident of a thousand years ago
  • The mandate sought from the country for 2024, called for people as family members.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the agenda for 2024 through his speech from Red Fort today. His every word was bound to create panic in the opposition camp. The PM said, ‘I will come again on the next 15th of August.’ Not only presented the report card of his government, but he also said for the future, ‘This is Modi’s guarantee‘. He said a big thing by mentioning an incident from a thousand years ago. He tried to convince the country that whatever decisions the government is taking during this period, its effect will remain for thousand years to come. This was PM Modi’s last speech from the Red Fort before the 2024 general elections. In such a situation, what he said has great significance. One of the major points of the PM’s address was to call his countrymen’s family members. Through this soulful gesture, he said that there was an attack on the country 1000-1200 years ago. The king of a small kingdom was defeated, but then people had no idea that this one incident would trap India in slavery for a thousand years. PM’s reference was towards Mahmud Ghaznavi’s invasion of India. He made the first attack in 1001 AD. His last major attack was on the Somnath temple in 1025. The PM said one more thing, which will prick the leaders of the opposition. He said in his speech that it is Modi’s commitment that he will continue to fight against corruption, familyism, and appeasement.

I assure you... in the coming five years.. Modi's guarantee is... the country will take its place in the first three global economies. It will definitely take place.

Modi’s Guarantee

Farmer, middle class, Pasmanda made everyone happy with one speech.

Analysts can call PM’s speech an election because he discussed the changes in the country after 2014. He explained why it is necessary to give him a chance in the next election. He especially focused on the youth. Tried to help women, farmers, laborers, and Pasmanda Muslims. Addressing the middle class, the PM said that the families who are dreaming of a home, are coming up with a plan for them in the coming few years. Those who live in cities live in rented houses, huts, chawls… It has been decided to provide relief on loan interest.

The PM referred to the country’s freedom movement and 75 years. Seeking the mandate of 2024 from the countrymen, he said that we will do whatever we believe in. Whatever steps we will take. Whatever decision we take, it is going to determine our direction for the coming 1000 years.

My dear family members, this is the commitment of Modi's life. It is my personal commitment that I will continue to fight against corruption.

Through the development works of the last 10 years, Modi put forward the changes brought to the country. Discussing his policies, he said, ‘Keep my words in writing, the sacrifice and austerity we will do in this period. Sarvajan Hitay and Sarvajan Sukhay will take decisions one after the other, the golden period of 1000 years of the country will be written. He clearly said that the decisions taken in this Amritkal will create an impact for 1000 years. For this, he asked for another term.

My countrymen have the ability to have a clear conscience, the ability to understand the roots of problems. That is why in 2014 my countrymen decided after 30 years of experience that if the country is to be taken forward, a stable government is needed. A government with the full majority is needed and the countrymen formed a strong government.

We need a stable government.

India's fate will be written...

Creating enthusiasm among the people, he said that today we have demography, democracy, and diversity, these three together have the potential to make the country’s dreams come true. The PM said that this period is going to write the fate of India. Today I would like to tell the youth that hardly anyone has got the good fortune that our youth got. I have faith in youth power. Our policies and practices are also going to further change that youth potential.

10 years account

Modi said that I am giving the account of 10 years to the countrymen from the ramparts of the Red Fort in front of the tricolor. 10 years ago, 30 lakh crores used to go to the states from the Government of India, in the last 9 years it has reached 100 lakh crores. Earlier 70 thousand crores used to go from the Government of India for the development of local bodies, today it is more than 3 lakh crores. Earlier, 90 thousand crore rupees were spent for the house of the poor, today 4 lakh crore rupees are spent. Presenting the government’s report card, Modi said that when we came in 2014, we were number 10 in the global economy. Today the efforts of 140 crore people have paid off, and we have reached number five. It didn’t happen just like that. Earlier, the country was gripped by the monster of corruption, scams worth lakhs of crores were wreaking havoc on the economy. Through this, he attacked the previous Congress government.

Write down my words.. The more sacrifices we make in this period, the more penance we do.. The golden history of the country for the coming one thousand years is going to sprout from it. PM Modi from Red Fort

Write down my words.

PM Modi gave a big message about the 2024 elections in one line, which can be taken up vigorously in BJP’s agenda. The PM clearly said, ‘Modi’s guarantee in the coming 5 years, the country will take a place in the first three global economies. It will definitely take its place.

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