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Bullets had been fired, and breathing was stopping, but Kasab's AK 47 stopped! Story of Veer Nayak Tukaram on Independence Day

Independence Day means the day to salute the brave heroes of the country, the day to remember them because we are safe, and celebrate freedom. On this special day in Crime’s special series, today’s story is of 26/11 Mumbai attacks hero Tukaram Omble who fought with the last Kasab till his last breath. The world is gone, but the friend is caught alive.

Tukaram Omble Who Sacrifice Life While Capturing Terrorist Kasab


Just remember the sacrifice of the brave heroes of the country…

Story of Veer Tukaram Omble who captured Kasab alive

The terrorist’s hand held the barrel of an AK47 pistol

Had sticks in hand, but clashed with armed terrorists

Lost his life, but caught the terrorist alive

Independence Day Special: Mumbai Attack Hero Tukaram Omble Story: On 26 November 2008, the DB Marg police in Mumbai received a report at 10 pm that two idols were moving in a silver Skoda car in the city. This news was received by a team of 15 policemen from DB Marg police to proceed with barricading Marine Drive. The aim was to make a profit for those two scientists who were moving ahead by making Mumbai tremble. The eyes of the policemen fell in front of Tiki.

After some time the Skoda car stopped there. Seeing the police force in front, the car was not moving forward. The senior started firing rockets from a distance. Police also installed a tablet pipeline. Bombardments from both sides rocked the streets of Mumbai and then chased each other…

The story of the brave hero who caught Kasab alive

It seemed that both the friends in the car were going to be killed. Alain Tukaram Omble from the police team proceeded towards the car to check which terrorists were arrested. He had a stick in his hand. When they reached the car, both the friends fell down. It seemed that both the accomplices had been killed, but one of the two conspirators, who had slumped inside the car like Tukaram, got up. This is Amir Ajmal Kasab who was doing drama late at night. He had a 47 in his hand. She turned her gun towards Tukaram. The entire police team was about 50 feet away.

The story of the brave hero who caught Kasab alive

AK 47 combat with stick

Kasab started firing straight at Tukaram from AK 47, but this brave man did not get scared. Tukaram attacked Kasab with his stick. Tukaram was strongly fighting a 47 of a terrorist with the baton of the police. Kasab had fired bullets into the body, but Tukaram caught the barrel of Kasab’s gun with his hand. The barrel of the gun was held with one hand and was attacking Kasab with the other hand. Bullets were going through the whole body, but his hand was on the collar of the terrorist. They did not want to let this terrorist move forward at any cost.

Kasab was caught alive because of Tukaram

The police team could have attacked from the front, but the aim was to capture this terrorist alive and this was possible because of the strong courage and bravery of Tukaram Omble. Tukaram did not leave Kasab as long as he was breathing. Even after taking several bullets, 45-year-old Tukaram badly battered this 20-year-old terrorist. It was only because of Tukaram that Kasab was arrested alive and it was proved that Pakistan had organized this attack. Pakistan had hatched a conspiracy to terrorize Mumbai

Tukaram Omble was the hero of the fateful night of 26/11

This night of 26 November 2008 was very terrible. Apart from Kasab, 9 other terrorists of Pakistan had entered the country through the sea. Kasab and his accomplices were doing death orgy at different places in Mumbai. Kasab himself and his second accomplice Ismail proceeded on CST after roasting many passengers with bullets. If Tukaram had not caught Kasab alive at that place, then don’t know what else this terrorist would have done.

Tukaram Omble was the hero of the fateful night of 26/11

Salute to the virtuous hero of the country on Independence Day

Tukaram was martyred in this attack, but he was martyred for the brave group of the country. Tukaram Omble, who lives in Kedamb village, about 284 km from Mumbai. Since childhood, there was a desire to do a job in the police or army. Used to get a job in the Electricity Department, but in the year 1979, when I got a job opportunity in the police, I just got ready for the service of the country and wasted my time, even sacrificing my life for the country. Tukaram was given the Ashoka Chakra for his bravery. Team Hindustan today news salutes this brave hero on Independence Day.

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